bookingWe are very dedicated to supporting new music. If you are a local band and you would like to set up a show at the Twisted Lizard, CONTACT US or stop by the tavern. If you are a band from another city, your best bet is to contact a local band to set up a show with you.

Please send all materials to the address below. We encourage national bands to let us place locals as openers on their shows to help them grow.

If you want to play at Twisted Lizard, here are few simple steps to follow:

Kindly email the booking person at Twisted Lizard booking. In your e-mail please include the following:

  1. Your name and your bands name.
  2. Your band's website and/or DIRECT link to MP3's.
  3. Please include what other Arizona venues you have played and bands
    you have played with.
  4. Touring bands: Send the dates you are looking for- This will greatly
    help your plight in getting a date.


If you must send a CD, please mail your submission to:

Attn: Booking
Twisted Lizard, LLC
10401 E. McDowell Mountain Ranch Rd. Suite 1
Scottsdale, AZ, 85255, USA

Or feel free to drop it off at the bar between the hours of 8pm and 2am. Include all the information that is asked for above.

*ALL booking is done by EMAIL. Booking person may or may not be at the show.

Attention Local Bands and Dj's * Please Read Carefully *

You are responsible for bringing customers to the club on the night of your show. That means you must promote your band, and bring paying customers to the club to see you play. We give you the door money, but we must make a living off of bar sales.

If we give you a show and it is not well attended (rule of thumb – at least 5 customers per band member), we will be less inclined to have you back. If you pack our club, we will love you! We should see you at our bar, supporting the scene and original music anyways!

If you see a night on our calendar you would fit on, let us know. If you have an idea for a full line up for your show, even better. If you are a local band that has not yet played Smalls, you will most likely get a Thursday night.

It is highly suggested you get out and network with other local bands that may fit on a show with you. We do our best to put together fitting nights but it is VERY helpful if you come to us with a bill in mind. We typically do 3 band nights and occasionally 4 band nights. Help us help you!

Promotions 101

Playing a show isn't as simple as showing up and plugging in. We ask that ALL bands promote their shows as best as possible and we will do the same for you as well. After all, it's you on stage - why not have a full room in front of you?

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Make POSTERS and HANDBILLS to bring to the club at least a month before your show. We try to poster local record stores, but you should supplement that the best you can. Bring your handbills to shows you are attending, hand them out there and while you’re at it, flyer everywhere you can.
  2. Tell everyone you know to come see you play. The more buzz, the better. Family, friends, etc., they're all potential fans. Don’t underestimate word of mouth promotions!
  3. Contact the press.


After you have sent us an e-mail with everything we have asked for, please give us time to get to your request and material. Politely send us a reminder after 2 weeks. Please do not hound our staff with phone calls or emails. This will not increase your chances of playing here or make us review it any faster. If we feel your band is right for the venue, we will contact you.


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